On January 26th, we finally introduced Wokeland to the city with a launch party. The reception was unlike anything we could’ve ever dreamed of. Over 70 people showed up to listen to what we had to say. We had Oakland locals in the house, people who had just moved to Oakland, East Oakland, West Oakland, Black Panthers, people who work for the city, artists, techies, people of beautiful colors all reaffirming that Oakland is in a place where there is still a lot of push-and-pull, but when we come together for something positive it’s a beautiful thing.

Check out a preview of the pics below and the rest on our Facebook page!

Valorie from Episode 1!

DJ Red Corvette litty

Kyona from Episode 1 turnt

Crowd Vibes

West Oakland boyz

Free food & drank

With the Wokeland merch

Catch the rest of the photos here. Were you there? Tag yourself!

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